Client reviews

"Biofeedback has proven to be a very important intervention for many cognitive and/or emotional conditions that result in functional impairment. We have seen remarkable improvement in a family member during a year of therapy. His ability to focus has enabled him to complete his work in a quarter of the time it would have previously taken. We thank God for Dr. Grenadier\'s diagnostic insight and the extraordinary, professional expertise of everyone."

– R.S., Jacksonville, FL

"Biofeedback has been so helpful for my two sons, who have ADHD, learning disabilities, and sensory integration issues, as well as our whole family. They are calmer, more focused, have better self-control, think of others, and are more patient. The constant anger and frustration is gone, and they think before acting. They are able to do school work independently and complete work in less time. There is also much less fighting among the siblings, no more hitting each other, and everyone is more relaxed. There is still more work to do to catch them up, but now we are able to do it. Before the biofeedback, I couldn't go anywhere without constant fighting in the car and frequently had to stop the car. There were times when I couldn't even go to the bathroom at home without bringing their little sister with me, because I knew a fight would begin in that short amount of time. Right before I learned about biofeedback, one of my sons said, "I don't know why I act this way, I don't want to be this way, and you have to find a way to fix me." Thankfully a few weeks later, I discovered biofeedback and we began the road to healing that has revealed the great kids I always knew were in there. Before, I wasn't sure what kind of trouble they might encounter when they were older, and now I know that they will become healthy, well-rounded adults, who are able to get an education, have a career, and have healthy relationships. This treatment has changed their lives, and will be a gift that last forever."

– R.D., Jacksonville, FL

"44 YO Female.  I was once told that I would need to take anti-depressants for the rest of my life.  After neurofeedback training I have been able to successfully wean off of 2 anti-depressants and 1 ADHD drug after 15 years of use. The heightened ability to focus on work has allowed me to function much better in a high-pressure sales environment.  I also have no stress or nerves now when I play tennis allowing me to enjoy and thrive in the beloved game that I once considered giving up.  I have begun creating artwork and have pieces on display in Atlanta.  I feel like I am finally awake!!  I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Grenadier and her friendly, supportive staff.  They coached me through the process with empathy and care.  This has been a miracle for me!  Thank you!"

– M.S. Jacksonville, FL

"We came to Biofeedback Associates upon a recommendation from a friend and are so glad that we took her advice! Our son was displaying many of the traits associated with ADHD. We saw significant improvements in his focus during homework time within a few sessions and even greater results over the course of his entire treatment period. Writing a simple sentence used to be difficult for him and would typically take at least 30 minutes, with much frustration on his part and ours. Now he does his homework with a minimum of supervision and in a fraction of the time it used to take."

– J.O., Jacksonville, FL

"My son has made remarkable progress with neurofeedback therapy. He now stays on task, does his homework, and is reading thoroughly and independently-and he retains the information that he has learned. His anxiety has also decreased and he no longer has trouble getting to sleep."

– T.D., St. Johns, FL

"Since my son started the program he is no longer struggling in Language Arts and has managed to bring his C/D average to an A. We have also seen more compliance, independence when doing homework, and an increase in his attention/concentration level"

– C.F. Jacksonville, FL


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