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What is Neurofeedback
What is Neurofeedback

This provides an overview of what neurofeedback is, how it works, and what happens in a neurofeedback session. It also includes a case study from a migraine sufferer.

Neurofeedback for ADHD
Neurofeedback for adhd

This video provides a case study of a child with ADHD who was previously on medication and who has been received great benefits from neurofeedback including better school performance, ability to focus, and self-control- without medication.

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance
qEEG Brainmapping

Developmental disorders in children are typically diagnosed by observing behavior, but Aditi Shankardass suggests we should be looking directly at brains. She explains how one EEG technique has revealed mistaken diagnoses and transformed children's lives.

Neurofeedback for PTSD
Neurofeedback for ptsd

This video describes how PTSD affects the brain function and how neurofeedback can normalize brain function after several sessions. Neurfeedback first helps the brain become more calm and stable, and then helps the client access and resolve traumas.

Neurofeedback and Autism (part one)
Neurofeedback and Autism part one

This video presents a case study of how neurofeedback has benefitted a child with autism.

Neurofeedback and Autism (part two)
Neurofeedback and autism part two

This video explains how neurofeedback helps with autism and sensory integration disorder with several case study examples.

Chronic Pain and Neurofeedback
Chronic Pain and Neurofeedback

This video explains how neurofeedback helps with chronic pain management.

Addictions and Substance Abuse
Addictions and Substance abuse

This video describes the use of neurofeedback within a holistic substance abuse treatment programs.

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance
Brain Mapping: A Cure for ADHD

This video shows an example of a brainmap (QEEG) and how it can be used to diagnose and treat ADD/ADHD patients without the use of drugs.

Chronic Pain and Neurofeedback
Neurofeedback for peak performance

This video provides case study examples of how neurofeedback can be used to enhance peak performance to enhance professional performance and athletic performance.

Neurofeedback and the aging brain
neurofeedback and the aging brain

This video provides a scenerio where an aging parent is shown the benefits of Neurofeedback by her daughter, and decides to complete her Neurofeedback treatment, with great results.